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Valentine's Day

02 February, 2013

Yes, it has really been a while since we here at Stinky McGee felt we had anything to contribute to the sphere of blogs. The end of 2012 was filled with two terrible disasters in the all too near vicinity of our headquarters in Brooklyn: Superstorm Sandy and the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. All we really wanted to do was hunker down, kiss our baby and pretend everything was okay in the world. 

Time has flown by since the New Year was rung in and the one thing we've been reminded of is how important love is- for families, houses, beaches and communities desperate for rebuilding.

We will be donating ALL the sales from any of our heart bow ties to Little Essentials charity for as long as we have them in stock. You can find them at My Brooklyn Baby until they are up on the site too. So happy Valentine's Day- may you be surrounded by love for 2013!