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Our Search for Brand Ambassadors

26 September, 2014

I know, I know. It's been a REALLY long time since we've blogged. But listen, things have been crazy over here at Stinky McGee HQ. Between getting product into a handful more shops and having another baby boy, well, our hands have been full!


But now it seems we need YOUR help. We are looking for a few really lovely boys to be our Brand Ambassadors. These boys can live anywhere in the world! They will receive atleast one accessory a month in exchange for posts on Instagram showing off their Stinky McGee style. So if you know of someone who fits the bill, send them a link to this page or copy and paste the application below. Then just send it to with the subject line 'Pick my Boy'.


We can't wait to meet you all!

xo xo Christine


This is an application to become a Brand Ambassador for Stinky McGee.

We are looking for cuties to represent our brand, accessories and image. We will send each of our Ambassadors at least one accessory a month for you to photograph and share with your Instagram followers. We are looking for parents who have atleast 500 followers, who share family friendly photos (yes, we actually have to say that!) and whose photos are lovely to look at! We will contact you if you are chosen. This is not a paid position, but a product for promotion opportunity.


What is your name?


What is your email address?


Do you have a website or blog? Address?


What is your Instagram handle?


How many followers do you have on Instagram?


Tell us a bit about your boy and why we should pick him.


How old is your boy?


If chosen, do you agree to be an exclusive Brand Ambassador to Stinky McGee for a 3 month period?


If chosen, do you agree to post pictures of your boy wearing Stinky McGee accessories atleast 1-3 times a week?


If chosen, do you agree to put in your Instagram profile that you are an official Brand Ambassador to Stinky McGee and to link our shop in your profile?


If chosen, do you agree that you will LOSE Brand Ambassador privileges if we find your conduct not fitting to our brand?


If chosen, do you agree to meet the minimum amount of photo requirements otherwise your status as a rep will be terminated?

Valentine's Day

02 February, 2013

Yes, it has really been a while since we here at Stinky McGee felt we had anything to contribute to the sphere of blogs. The end of 2012 was filled with two terrible disasters in the all too near vicinity of our headquarters in Brooklyn: Superstorm Sandy and the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. All we really wanted to do was hunker down, kiss our baby and pretend everything was okay in the world. 

Time has flown by since the New Year was rung in and the one thing we've been reminded of is how important love is- for families, houses, beaches and communities desperate for rebuilding.

We will be donating ALL the sales from any of our heart bow ties to Little Essentials charity for as long as we have them in stock. You can find them at My Brooklyn Baby until they are up on the site too. So happy Valentine's Day- may you be surrounded by love for 2013!

The Novogratz Boys

14 October, 2012

We were chuffed upon hearing two of the Novogratz boys, Five and Major, wanted to wear our bow ties on the family's recent Today Show segment. Apparently, they are bow tie lovers, which doesn't surprise us! This family has got a lot of style- you could say the boys don't fall far from the tree! See how much fun the Novogratz family has designing a playroom for all ages and both genders. Our favorite part is the duct tape chair- COOL ideas! And for more you can always check out what they're up to at:

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